Yesterday, the sun was shining brightly and the temperature had eeked up​ to a very acceptable warmth that made a walk out high on the agenda.

If you’ve wandered over to my little spot on the web before, you may have seen that I wrote about getting out walking more at the weekends.  You can take a look here – I’ll wait 🙂

So, we set out in the direction of one of our favoured drinking spots just a 2 mile walk away. We held a steady pace that took us around 40 minutes to walk, enjoying the strange peace that comes with a beautiful spring day.

So how many steps? Well, I can tell you it was around 4376 steps. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to measure this with my Jawbone tracker because it’s broken. Yes, the device that I had hoped would push me to take more steps, get more sleep and remind me to get moving fell off whilst out and about because the band had snapped and the clasp had disappeared along the way.

At first I was pretty disappointed but the growing minimalist in me has to say that it really isn’t an essential item to have. Sure, it brought me some joy but as you can see, I have been able to count my steps using a different device. In fact, most of the functions can quite easily be performed by my smartphone. Just in a different way.

Perhaps if I was to purchase a replacement it would need to have replacement bands and also a display so I could use it as a watch, too. These were things I considered at the time but I chose the discreet nature of the Jawbone tracker.

Oh, well. Lessons to be learned, hey?

Anyway, enough about me.  Have you purchased a fitness band or tracker? Are you considering doing so? This website was quite useful in my search. Do you think they are worth the monetary outlay? Let me know what you think!

Back soon NM.

 Ear worm: Walk This Way, Aerosmith